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Home Automation

Home automation is the use of one or more computers to basic home functions and features automatically and sometimes remotely.


Anautomated home is sometimes called a smart home.


To cut through all of it and figure out what’s most relevant to you, imagine a typical day at home. Are there any devices you regularly turn on and off? Do you regularly adjust your home environment depending on what you’re doing?


Those regular habits and activities are typically the best candidates for automation. Figure out which ones are most important to you, and you’ll have a much better idea of what to look for in the smart home space.


Some of the most popular categories along these lines are lighting, home security, climate control and kitchen automation.


The fundamental components of a well-designed home automation system include a computer (or computers) with the appropriate programming, the various devices and systems to be controlled, interconnecting cables or wireless links, a high-speed Internet connection, and an emergency backup power source for the computer, its peripherals, and the essential home systems.

What can home automation do for me?

The possibilities are only limited by your imagination. If you can think it up – it can be done by a good home automation system. Some example are listed below:


Path Lighting

Unsetting the alarm triggers a path of lights from the garage to the kitchen and hallways.


Access Control

Release the front door for the plumber – from anywhere in the world, even the supermarket.




Press this button to shut off all the lights in the house – including the ones under the stairs that the kids usually leave on for weeks at a time.


Towel Rail Control

The heated towel rails are switched off in the middle of all weekdays conserving energy.


Peripheral Communication

The value of your stocks can be represented with coloured under tile lights in the hallway, red for good, blue for better.


HVAC Control

The heating system can be set back when the alarm is set, if it remains set for 3 days (or a vacation button is pressed) the heating will shut off all together.


Mail Call

A chime sounds in the house when a package is delivered to the mailbox


Set the Scene

Use home automation to preset lighting scenes – for example dining mode, tv mode, art mode & bright. Recall these presets at any time.


AV Control

Gain control of the most complicated AV system with home automation – how about buttons that say SATTELITE, DVD and OFF – it doesn’t get any simpler!


Louvre control

Use a Home Automation system to open louvres when the temperature gets high, setting the alarm will close them again automatically for you.

As mentioned – if you can think it up – a good home automation system and systems integration company will make it reality for you.

What we do

  1. Set up and Enjoy a Movie Theatre Experience in the Comfort of Your Home
    • This is an area where convenience and simplicity in controlling the array of home theatre components is really noticeable. When you consider the number of different audio and visual pieces that make up your entertainment centre (TV, stereo, tuner, DVD changers, and Blu-ray players), you likely have an equal number of remotes to operate each of them. With a home-automation system developed by a us, you will need only one remote to control all of your components. For example, when you settle in to watch a movie, you can turn down the room lights, start the movie player, and adjust the volume from just one remote. If you need to leave the room during the movie, you can stop the movie and gradually turn up the lights without having to stumble through a dark room to find the wall switch.
  2. Distribute Your Music Equally all over your home.
    • Every room can be listening to different channels of content, with independent volume and tone controls. Our home automation system lets you accommodate your family’s eclectic music preferences by compiling your different music sources (CDs, MP3s, and streaming music services like Rhapsody) and allowing everyone to access their favourite music from select rooms throughout your house. For example, from a central control, you can select a style of music that lets you relax in a quiet room. Meanwhile, from the same central control, your teens can select the music they need to practice their dance program in another part of the house. Or you can set a playlist for a birthday party to play in the kitchen, living room and out on the patio so your guests enjoy the same entertainment everywhere. Both styles of music are distributed to the different locations without you needing a separate audio player for each person.
  3. Control Lighting With the Touch of a Button
    • lighting control systems can be installed in existing homes. Both exterior and interior lighting systems can be controlled from a standard switch, a touch screen, or a remote control. Some control solutions even allow you to manage lights from your iPhone. A home-automation system can also tell you which lights are on anywhere in the house, the garage, or throughout the landscape and let you turn them on and off manually or automatically according to a set schedule.
    • One of the most convenient lighting scenes lets you turn off all the lights in the house with a single command. Or you can shut off all the lights in the basement as you walk out with just one touch. But there is a virtually unlimited variety of lighting scenes you can create to enhance your life. For instance, you can set the lights in your bedroom to turn on slowly at a certain time as part of a wake- up scene. Or you can set lights in a child’s bedroom to dim as they go to sleep. You can also set “welcome home” lighting scenes that trigger when the garage door opens so you never have to walk into a dark house again.